Terms & Conditions:

The Caston Community Cars Scheme [“Scheme”] is a not for profit community self-help Scheme run entirely by unpaid volunteers in the provision of limited transport services for qualifying residents and purposes. This is a private unregulated, unlicensed community scheme and the drivers will be using their private vehicles. The Scheme and the drivers are not offering any services or skills other than that of private transport to and from an appointment. If specialist support is needed by the passenger this would need to be organised by the passenger and disclosed at the time of the booking to determine if a suitable vehicle and driver is available. The Scheme is organised through and sponsored and supervised by Caston Parish Council [“Council”] and managed by a committee [“Committee”] approved by the Council. The Council only covers the administrative cost of the operation of the Scheme and does not provide any other subsidy or financial support in relation thereto. The scope of the Scheme is limited to the provision of transport for medical, health and dental appointments and on a discretionary basis for family emergencies and in the ordinary course of events is limited to appointment destinations within a radius of 25 miles of Caston and a waiting time at the destination of one hour. In certain circumstances it may be possible to increase these parameters.  The passenger is responsible for compensating the driver for the cost of the transport at the mileage rate from time-to-time published on the Scheme web-site and any other expenses incurred e.g. parking at the destination point. Whilst the Scheme will always seek to take and fulfill a booking subject, of course, to availability of a driver and vehicle this cannot be guaranteed and therefore none of the Council, Committee or volunteers whether drivers, administrators or helpers assume any liability of whatsoever nature howsoever arising should a booking fail, be cancelled, not completed in time or otherwise not meet the expectations of the passenger or passengers. All bookings are subject to these terms and conditions and are deemed understood and accepted at the time of initiating a booking.