How it Works

The scheme, supported by Caston Parish Council, runs as a service of the council and is managed by a steering committee consisting of a parish councillor, and two residents one of whom is a coordinator.

The current steering committee members are:

Brian Brooker – Parish Councillor and Coordinator  –  01953 488 477

Dr Chris Riddell – Retired GP – 01953 488 237

Dawn  Hill  – Coordinator and Driver 01953 483 701

There are inevitably some administration expenses and for these the parish council has agreed payment.  Those expenses cover the cost of the telephone number that is provided as well as the cost of hosting the website to ensure it is available at all times, and public liability insurance.

The service is not free to passengers who will pay the driver direct at 45p per mile both there and back.  So for example a return journey to:

  • Watton will be £3.50
  • Hingham will be £5.50
  • N&N Hospital will be £17.00

The hotline is manned between 5pm and 6pm Monday to Friday but at all other times there is a message facility (voicemail)

So this is the procedure for passengers.

    1. Call the Community Cars hotline 01953 433 808 and either speak to the duty coordinator or leave a message. If leaving a message only your name and telephone number is required.
    2. If you call between 5pm and 6pm the duty coordinator will be on duty to speak with you directly.  If you call outside of these times and leave your name and number the coordinator will call you back for details of your required journey the next time they are on duty.
    3. The detail now required from you is:
      • Your name and address
      • The journey date (ideally we need two days notice but longer will be better – shorter notice may make it more difficult to arrange).
      • Appointment time.
      • Expected wait time – drivers will wait one hour. Where the wait time is longer than one hour (hospitals for example) it may be necessary to arrange two trips being one there and one to return.  This will double the cost.  The coordinator will try to avoid that if possible.
      • Destination
      • Confirmation of whether you can walk unaided.
    4. The coordinator will now attempt to obtain a driver and will then call you back to advise the outcome
    5. Presuming a driver has been located you will be advised
      • The name of the driver
      • The time of collection, which will allow getting you to your destination on time
      • The fee to be paid which goes directly to the driver – please have the exact money as drivers may not have change

Please note that journeys may only be arranged through the Caston Community Cars duty coordinator.  This is because the service runs under public liability insurance carried by Caston Parish Council.  Drivers will not be covered under this policy if they undertake a journey directly from the passenger.  Passengers cannot choose a particular driver.  The coordinator will always ask the next available driver from the driver list.