Volunteer Drivers

We can always do with additional volunteer drivers as the more we have the lighter the load on everyone.

As a volunteer driver you will be providing a service that will be greatly appreciated by a number of village residents. This service is available for all residents of Caston, who are permanently or temporarily without transport or are permanently or temporarily unable to drive and have a medical appointment that is otherwise impossible to meet without relying on the kindness of a neighbour, friend or relative.  And, the truth is that not everyone feels comfortable constantly asking for favours.

As a driver you will be called by the duty coordinator and asked if you can be available on a given day and time to go to a given destination.  You can do as many or as few journeys as you want.  We hope you’ll say “yes” but you can always say “no” and you will not be questioned.  The coordinator will simply move on to the next driver on the driver’s list.

You will, of course, have car insurance and confirmation from your insurer that you are covered for volunteer driving. This scheme is operated as a parish council Scheme and covered by the parish council public liability insurance but only if a journey is organised by the duty coordinator. Under the Scheme, drivers are not permitted to take instructions for a journey directly from passengers.

In order to be a driver you will need to call your insurance company and get written confirmation that they will cover you for voluntary driving where you will receive no more than 45p per mile to cover your expenses.  There are one or two other formalities but we can discuss these with you if you are interested.  Please call Brian Brooker on 01953 488 477 for more information.

If you would like to help some of your fellow village residents, please get in touch – we would love to hear from you.